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Great Lakes Water Walk

Share and re-awaken your commitment to safeguarding the water
by walking together. Everyone is welcome!

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Why We Walk

We want to bring the focus back on saving the water for our
future generations and protecting our environment.

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“Great Lakes Personhood” House of Commons Petition

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Joining the Great Lakes Water Walk

Combine efforts with us for our joint cause of
protecting our natural resources.

what we do

events and initiatives

Great Lakes Commons Charter

The diminishing waters here are alarming. We are ensuring that everyone is aware of climate change.

Mother Earth Water Walk

Our goal is to ensure that all people are aware of climate change and its implications.

Water Docs Film Festival

We display movies that talk about the challenges that our times are facing, should we go the same route.

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Share the Great Lakes Water Walk

The Great Lakes Water Walk has partnered with Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and Park People to clean up and care for the shoreline all along the route of our upcoming water walk on Sunday, September 24! Not only will you help prep for the walk on Sunday but it’s a way to celebrate World Rivers Day as well (also on September 24).