Other Actions You Can Take

These events and initiatives are listed here to encourage further action around protecting, honoring and celebrating our Great Lakes.

“Great Lakes Personhood” House of Commons Petition

You can sign until September 23, 2017


This important petition calls upon the House of Commons in Parliament to undertake a process by which to formally acknowledge the Great Lakes as Living Entities, thereby assigning legal personhood to each Lake.

Great Lakes Commons Charter

Endorse the Charter


Out of our love for the Great Lakes and our responsibilities to future generations, we are calling for a renewed relationship with the Great Lakes. We are asking you to join us by adding your name and commitment to this transformative water governance agreement.

Mother Earth Water Walk

Support the Walkers


A dedicated group of Anishinaabe women who lead annual water walks in the Great Lakes Region to build awareness around the importance of the water and to gain support and promote the gathering of other supporters who would share an interest in protecting our water through our walk.

Water Docs Film Festival

Watch a film or host a local film event


Water Docs is a documentary film festival celebrating all things water. The 2018 festival is March 21-25, 2018, and film submissions are open. Opening Night is World Water Day at the Hot Docs Cinema in Toronto. Enjoy the features and shorts, take part in lively discussions with filmmakers and guest speakers, learn about water issues, and discover action possibilities from featured community partners. Or host a smaller film screening and discussion event with your organization or community.
For the love of water, come join us!

Council of Canadians’ Blue Communities

Work toward getting your community blue


There is nothing more important than clean water. As water services and sources are under growing pressure, it is now more important than ever for us all to take steps to protect water as part of our public trust. Click the link and download the Blue Communities Guide. Help move your community toward becoming a Blue Community that agrees to this water commons framework:

  1. Recognizing water and sanitation as human rights.
  2. Banning or phasing out the sale of bottled water in municipal facilities and at municipal events.
  3. Promoting publicly financed, owned and operated water and waste water services.

World Water Day

March 22


Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater. Under the theme ‘Water and Wastewater’, the year 2017 provides an important opportunity to consolidate and build upon the previous World Water Days to highlight the symbiosis between water and wastewater in the quest for sustainable development. The 2018 theme is Nature-based Solutions for Water.”