Joining the Great Lakes Water Walk

The Great Lakes Water Walk Sunday, September 24, 2017, along the Toronto waterfront. What to expectHelp promote the walk

Joining the walk

Use the following times as a guide for when and where to join the walk. Because of the nature of a walk with many people, the timings are approximate. Check our Facebook page for updates on the day.

If you’re driving:

  • Take the TTC or GO train if you can.
  • Please carpool if you can.
  • Consider a tag team with a buddy. Park one car near Marilyn Bell Park and drive together in the other car to your starting point. This will simplify the end of the day.
  • Or at the end of the day, you can take TTC back to your starting point.


Graphic map of east and west route for Great Lakes Water Walks 2017

STARTING POINTS: Each walk starts at 7 am with a water blessing, and we’ll start walking at about 8 am.

JOINING MIDWAY at break or WATER BLESSING points (directions below):

CONCLUDING CEREMONY at MARILYN BELL PARK, 851 and 1095 Lakeshore Blvd West:

It’s just west of Ontario Place. While the group gathers you can listen to the drumming and prepare yourself for the ceremony, talk to people from organizations working for water, or visit one of the food trucks if you’re hungry. The final ceremony will begin around 3 pm and end with a round dance.

Getting to Scarboro Missions for the Eastern Walk

The walk starts with a water blessing at 7 am at SCARBORO MISSIONS. It’s at 2685 Kingston Rd. in Scarborough. To join the walk later, see above.

There is limited PARKING in the back of Scarboro Missions. You can also park on the streets to the west of Brimley and to the north of Kingston Road, but check the signs carefully. We have been asked not to park in other locations.

By car from the north, such as Highway 401:

  1. Go south on BRIMLEY Road.
  2. Cross KINGSTON Rd. and turn right (west) for drop-off or limited parking.

By car from the west or east:

  1. Drive along KINGSTON Road.
  2. Turn south at BRIMLEY Road for drop-off or limited parking.


From the west take bus #302 east on KINGSTON Road. It leaves the Bingham Loop (west of Victoria Park Avenue) on KINGSTON Road at 6:21 am and is considered the northbound route because it ends at Steeles. Get off at St. Theresa’s School bus stop (after crossing Midland Ave.), near the entrance to St. Augustine’s Seminary (large domed building). Walk east to BRIMLEY and turn right (south) to the parking lot entrance. Or find another night route bus.

Joining the Eastern Walk later on

  • To join at the TORONTO BEACHES BOARDWALK take the 501 QUEEN STREET Streetcar east to SILVER BIRCH Avenue (where the physical boardwalk starts, just before the streetcar ends at Neville Park loop), and walk south to the boardwalk. Do not walk on the bike trail!
  • To join at ASHBRIDGES BAY PARK, take the WOODBINE 92 Bus from Woodbine Subway Station or walk south from Queen Street East on COXWELL Avenue (reached by the Queen Street 501 Streetcar) and then slightly east on Lakeshore Blvd.
  • To join at the mouth of the DON RIVER, take PAPE 72B/C Bus from Pape Subway Station or catch it at BAY & FRONT Streets (near Union Station).

Getting to JC Saddington Park for the Western Walk

The walk starts with a water blessing at 7 am at JC SADDINGTON PARK. It’s the mouth of the Credit River, 53 Lake Street in Mississauga. To join the walk later, see above.

Driving to the park:

  1. Take the GARDINER or QEW to MISSISSAUGA Road exit (#130), and turn south on MISSISSAUGA Road. Or take LAKE SHORE Road.
  2. Turn left on LAKE St. and park.

Walking to the park from the Port Credit GO train station (~17 min)

  • Walk south from Port Credit GO Station to QUEEN STREET E.
  • Turn right (west) on QUEEN STREET E.
  • Turn left (south) on ELIZABETH STREET N.
  • Use the crosswalk with lights to cross LAKESHORE ROAD E. to the south sidewalk. Turn right (west) on LAKESHORE ROAD E.
  • Turn left (south) on FRONT STREET S, and JC Saddington Park is at the end of the street.

Joining the walk on the way

  • The QUEEN STREET 501 Streetcar goes along the Lakeshore starting west of Roncesvalles Avenue to the Long Branch Streetcar Loop. COLONEL SAM SMITH PARK is reached either on this streetcar or by taking the KIPLING SOUTH 44 Bus from Kipling Subway Station. The bus loops around right at the park.
  • For SHELDON LOOKOUT, take the QUEEN STREET 501 Streetcar to the Humber Loop and walk south just after it reaches the west side of the Humber River.

Getting to Marilyn Bell Park (Concluding Ceremony around 3 pm)

Located between Ontario Place and Dufferin Street. Here are several options for getting there.

  • From DUFFERIN Subway Station take the DUFFERIN 29 Bus to the Dufferin Gates at Exhibition Place (last stop). Walk south through the Exhibition grounds and turn toward the east. There is a pedestrian bridge (stairs) to get to the Lakeshore and the park.
  • Take the KING Street 504 Streetcar or 514 CHERRY Street Streetcar and get off at Dufferin Street and walk south as above.
  • From BATHURST Subway Station take the BATHURST 511 Bus (substituting for the streetcar) to the Exhibition grounds (last stop) and walk around the western side of Exhibition Place (Queen Elizabeth Blvd./Manitoba Drive) to the west of the stadium. You’ll come out on British Columbia Road and cross Lake Shore Blvd. close to Marilyn Bell Park.Or walk south between the Ricoh Coliseum and the Horse Palace to Nunavut Road, continue south on Nunavut Road past the Enercare Centre to Princes’ Blvd. Continue south through the parking lots to the Pedestrian Bridge to Ontario Place. Once across the bridge you are on the south side of Lakeshore Blvd. Turn west on the Martin-Goodman bike path and past the Ontario Place parking lots. Marilyn Bell Park will be on your left.
  • From UNION Subway Station take the 509 HARBOURFRONT Streetcar to Exhibition Place and walk through the grounds as described above.

By GO TRAIN or the #511 southbound BATHURST streetcar from EXHIBITION STATION (~20 min):

  • The Lakeshore West Exhibition GO stop is very near the streetcar stops – walk as above.GO trains on the East/West Lakeshore line run once every hour until close to 10:00 am and then every half hour after that. Trains going both east and west leave from Union Station and you can catch them both at the Exhibition GO stop as well for your trip home.


The Great Lakes Water Walk is a ceremonial event led by volunteers and offered with respect and openness. By participating, you agree to show respect for other walkers, the ceremonial nature of the event, and openness to the sacred wonder of water.

Every effort is made to ensure that the information on this website is up-to-date. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.

The Great Lakes Water Walk is a free public event. Individuals are responsible for their own common sense, safety, and well-being. Trained first aid responders will be available. In no event will the Great Lakes Water Walk be liable for any loss, physical injury, or damage arising from any aspect of the walk or the use of this website.

The walk is a public event, and photos or videos should be made respectfully (asking permission is encouraged); GLWW is not liable for the use of any photos. Please do not take photos or videos of any of the ceremonial water blessings.

We look forward to walking with you for the water!

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