The Great Lakes Water Walk is honoured to be joined by the Canoe Drum during the Concluding Ceremony at Marilyn Bell Park on Sunday, September 24th! Please take a look and listen below and join us tomorrow for the Great Lakes Water Walk to listen to this beautiful, unique instrument in person!



“Some months ago, we became aware of a local artist who had incorporated a full-sized canoe to serve as the frame for a monster of a kettledrum. For his prototype, artist David Hynes had sewn a number of hides together and laced them over the hull of a 16-foot Grumman to provide a whimsical but very engaging, interactive piece. To the eye, the organic shape of the stretched skin and the pattern of its lacing contrasted strikingly with the symmetrical (if slightly battered) form of the canoe’s hull. Did I mention that, with a 1200-litre soundbox, it also had a heck of a voice?” Learn more about the Canoe Drum online via The Canadian Canoe Museum.


Nga-zhchigemi onji Nibi | We will do it #BecauseOfWater

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