Copper is an ancient metal that has distinct and powerful conductive properties. People around the Earth are deeply aware of the value of holding water in copper vessels, even ancient Egyptions held this practice. It is antimicrobial in nature and knowledge of its ability to keep water clean has been used in Ayurveda practice for centuries.


For Anishinaabe Kwewag (women) we believe that copper vessels clean, heal and amplify our prayers to & for water. It is a sacred relationship of ancient wisdom and knowledge that we embrace and honour.



All are invited to join the Great Lakes Water Walk and reflect on how we can honour and protect our waters. It is not a protest, performance, or athletic competition. Because it is a ceremonial walk, we kindly ask that walkers remain behind the lead walkers carrying the copper pail of water. The Water Walk is inclusive of all, so please come as you identify.

Nga-zhchigemi onji Nibi | We will do it #BecauseOfWater

Walk With Us!


Photo Credits:

Featured Photo: Lake Winnipeg Water Walk. Katherine Morrisseau-Sinclair, an Indigenous woman who, inspired by Grandmother Josephine Mandamin, started the Lake Winnipeg Water Walk.

Photo in the body of the blog: courtesy of Georgie Horton-Baptiste