The Inaugural 2017 Great Lakes Water Walk is looking for motivated individuals who are passionate about protecting our waters to become Community Ambassadors to help spread the word about the walk on September 24th! We believe this will be a vital role in informing residents of the GTHA about the Great Lakes Water Walk, and helping them get out to participate.

What Is A Community Ambassador?

This job can be as big or as modest as you’re prepared to take on. Here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Tell your friends, neighbours & family about the walk and encourage them to participate
  • Talk with them about the possibility of participating as a group, as part of broadening your relationship with and learning about Indigenous cultures and communities.
  • Distribute postcards and posters everywhere you can imagine – coffee shops, community bulletin boards, your place of worship, social groups you’re part of, etc.
  • Stand up whenever an opportunity for announcements presents itself – and let them know what a rich opportunity it presents
  • If you’re on social media, post announcements & links to the GLWW website – we want to reach as many channels as possible, so this includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat – wherever you have access. We’ll be providing sample posts, or you can create your own.
  • Think of all the various communities you’re part of, and how you can spread the word there:
    • University or night-school classes you may be part of
    • Neighbourhood associations
    • Social or sporting groups – bridge clubs, softball leagues, drama clubs, environmental organizations,
    • churches, temples or mosques where you attend

We will be holding an info session for those interested. You can SIGN-UP on Vroom for the Community Ambassador role and we will notify you of the date and location of the info session. Are you looking for other ways to volunteer with the Great Lakes Water Walk? Check out other volunteer opportunities online here!